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ScriptCapture enables you to store scripts securely and makes scripts easily searchable using our clean and easy-to-navigate interface. This is especially helpful with closing claim periods, helping you save money, ensuring less stress and a more efficient process for storing and searching for scripts.


  • Claim Management – Our Claim Management reporting tool makes it easier to work out what is missing so you can narrow down exactly what is missing for that claim period taking out duplicates, cancelled or Escripts.
  • Smart Search – With Smart Search Functionality you don’t have to spend time crawling through boxes of Scripts trying to find one. Simply type in what you are looking for and ScriptCapture will find it for you
  • Sync Ability – Working alongside Z Software, whenever you cancel a script it will automatically cancel it in ScriptCapture. When you dispense an Escript, ScriptCapture will identify the Escript, read the relevant details, write those details in and mark it as an Escript in ScriptCapture
  • Security – Data is encrypted before it goes into the cloud portal. 2 Factor Authentication to gain access into the cloud portal. Data is stored on our Australian based servers.