One dedicated pharmacist frustrated with the stagnant, ageing software in pharmacy combined with two passionate IT software engineers, has given rise to the birth of Z.

The team started out by developing the highly feature rich, versatile dispensing system formerly known as DispenseIT. DispenseIT was originally marketed and sold as a package in combination with an externally built POS system. Despite reasonable success, it was soon evident that DispenseIT required a partnering POS system which would truly maximise its features and forward thinking foundations. The team went back to work.

After extensive research and development (and espressos) the Z team produced an equally impressive POS and back office. A fully integrated ‘Next Gen’ system. Z was born.

Team Z believe that software development should be an evolution, a perpetual cycle of adapting and developing to new technologies. A constant strive towards empowering pharmacies with the capabilities to achieve what is not achievable today; a Zero boundary attitude towards pharmacy software development.

Feel free to contact us to chat about pharmacy, our software philosophies or just to have a coffee. We look forward to it!